Casual Friday

So here am I.


With the happy face that skipping the compulsory Sensor’s LaB – with Mark’s permission, of course – for going instead to the Brand Portfolio Mgt. lecture. Today, a couple of Branding Leaders focused on implementing Global Corporate Branding Strategies for 3M are coming!

Marker-Dispensers and Green – Environmentally Friendly – Post-Its (the brand new product of the season) are the tangible and less important of what I’ve gotten from them.

Lots of knowledge, from business strategy to packaging design, from corporate leveraging to the correct use of typography… The way they work is just amazing.

Really happy about the choice!!!

And this is Stockholms Universitetet.

The real one.
Close home, close Frescati and closed with curtains?? Well, they will only last until 12:30.

Much nicer, huh? ;D

At least until 16:45, 20′ later the sunset, when I left home, on the way to the laundry, some household cleaning, training and phoning – today is Jaime’s 6th B’Day and I’m here :_(

Late dinner, later customization and fear for tomorrow’s task: The Human Factors Engineering’s Hemtenta.

Now I got it translated into English – thanks for helping me with the Svenska – I think I can manage… Hope so, at least.



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