Cyclical Change.

Have been thinking about Cycles and Changes.

Nature is everchanging but cyclical. So fashion and art are, since they reflect socioeconomical cycles of growth and recesion. This took me to John Maeda’s reflection in Domus: “We are now seeking for hybrids, but soon we will be tired and demand specific tools” cannot remember exactly the words, but he meant that as far as I understood. Afterwards, I remembered about an article I had seen in Gizmodo about the way Apple’s visual identity resembles that of Braun, back to the 60s, yeah, fresh and innovative hippie freedom, as they claim to be.

Which brings me to the belief on the fact that, while technology changes the way we perceive the world and what’s possible, our aesthetical tastes are much more cyclical and reflect social concerns – as fashion does, with economical growth being reflected on excess and futuristic thoughts and recession, bringing me to what I saw this season.

When artists feel confused about the situation, they start to look at new things, they ask themselves about the reason why, search for new directions. It happens in during/after war periods as well as during declines.

I am so sorry of being extremely close minded when saying that Branding controlled it all. Maybe a big part, but fortunately not all or not everybody, at least.

The Catwalk, the celebrities, the visual campaign, the sponsorship, all that, yes; completely dedicated and designed to support the trade.

However, what it’s said there, depends a lot on other, higher concerns of creative geniuses.
It’s art, in the way the collection, is not for pleasing someone else but to satisfy an internal concern, need or search.

Richard Prince and his nurse paintings, as ironic reflection of American Culture symbols have been twice reflected by fashion. First, on Kate Moss – as anorexic ironical end of The SuperModel era – being shot for W, just before the exposition.

Second, and recently by just gone out of a hard life stage blue haired Marc Jacobs, on the Louis Vuitton SS08 Show – Handbags’ prints by the artist.

The campaign, maybe just reflects the irony on the visual communication. Its relevance is based on having gathered the supermodel’s of the ’90s – Stephanie Seymour, Angela Lindvall, Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and Naomi Campbell – all together. The living symbol of a gone era where money, growth, curvy statements mirrored the power of the states. They became real divas, like those Hollywood stars on the 50s, earning rockety salaries and overcoming the relevance of the designs. It was the model, not what being worn.

The dream ended, on the fashion industry side with anorexic Kate Moss, minimal Calvin Klein as mirroring the economical crisis on the late 90s.

Since they remind such a gone era… We are through a change, too.
The new era is ending, sarcastilly, on the shadow resulting from the dawn of countries where the sun is said to be setting – Sol Poniente. Maybe, the awareness generated and the gone luxury represented could be perceived asdelicate sarcastic joke too. In case the handbags with painter’s interests are included in the story.



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