The Victoria Principle.

No ha hecho mas que asentar mi admiración, respeto y simpatía – somos más parecidas de lo que creía – por la controvertida Lady Victoria. Ella. Sola. Y punto. No es una extensión de su marido.

El artículo entero, lleno de frases estelares, de las de apuntar en la agenda para no olvidar nunca… Pero bueno, intentaré resumir.

“She is unusually polite, engaged and unegocentric for somebody as famous as she undoubtely is”

“Victoria has stuck with it and has got what she wants”

“There is a degree of control exercised which one would hardly call normal”

“But what he – David Beckham – and Victoria and, of course, Simon Fuller – former manager and business partner – understand fully is Brand Beckham”

“But having spent time in her company I have been impressed and intrigued of what she has achieved. And to those who say, as many have done, that it’s all because of her husband (…) I would say that without her he wouldn’t be where he is either.”

“The gabby, pushy woman with a keen eye on what else can be achieved, what else is out there to have, is very clearly the force behind the silent, profitable beauty of the Becks. When they’re in a room together, the one you notice – the one surrounded by the powerful force field – is Victoria”

Alexandra Shulman, Vogue Uk, April 2008.

“I was nervous about the Spice Girls. It could have gone one of two ways and I didn’t know how people in the fashion industry were going to take it (…) My business is fashion, I don’t do that anymore”

“Never the most talented person, but I really work hard at whatever I do

Victoria Beckham, Vogue Uk, April 2008.



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