The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

It’s actually an article by Aaker, that describe the three sides of Brand Extensions.

Comparisons are odious. Cannot help them, though.
Strikes me and… Nothing else to say. Judge yourself.

I think – a lot – about behaviouristic drivers. In other words, what makes people act the way they do.

My overall view of the issue is that it just results from the combination of unconsciuos desires – that someone else everybody wants to be, with a hint of the biologically determined psychology, a pinch of past experience and a jot of their conscious goals.
However, still charmed by the magic of the Social Networking phenomena, freely allowing people to socialize, to group being linked by invisible threads, these common – generally non-profit – interests that eventually empower each other through the connection created between beings.

Some start in the virtual world then, become real. Others from reality, continue through the bits.
But who knows what’s reality in a world with such a strinking percentage of kids who had never seen a dawn?

Quite funny though the image we – attempt – project to others, too. What is the real me? The one I think I am? The one others think I am? A combination of them both? What if I show different faces to different groups because, as a cube, I’m not plain but muti-faceted?
Why do I show myself, dress, act in a certain way? Is it the real me? Do I just want to be accepted? Is just the social need, the fear of loneliness? And even worse, what happens when those that used to be my interests, that linked me to a certain group… Progressively change and I never belong to that group anymore, so I try to enter a new one.

Maybe, it is just the way society had always worked but the difference is that, nowadays, we can quantify it. But can we account for the whole pie? Or just a miserable piece of it? What about hidden human interactions? What about the invisible language that is – in many cases – proven to be far more effective? How do we account for it? Scares me just to think that it could be measurable. Scares me that we could have developed a new hidden language that operates via the network. But maybe, one day that occurs too. Who knows.

By the way, why am I doing this? A call for psychotherapy, maybe.



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