Blue Skies.

What’s great about great days is that they never come alone.

Or maybe is in your hand to make a great day out of what could seem a bad one.
Anyway, after some sort of frustating supervisor-PhD conversation, when you realize that you don’t get how can people be SO unfocused, harm everyone – no comments about those doing the Master Thesis (my beloved Anaïs & Jordi) who are getting almost NO help at all… – you go back, finish your writings for the dialogue seminar and have lunch under the sun, beside a great book too.
– Hi Mark!! How was the long-weekend?
– Working, as always.

– Do you have the components I need to pursue with what I got stuck last week – even If I still don’t get why should I be doing that… – ?
– Er… Thought you’d be in Spain these days.

– No, that’s towards the end of this month.
– Ok. Well, we’ll discuss about it later on but I’ve changed my mnd about that.

– {¿?O_o¿?¬¬¿?¿} Cool. I’ll be there somewhere, reallocated since I don’t have an office, someone took the little room I had been sitting and I don’t fit in my old desk with the laptop – containing photoshop I need to work on my Design course – see you then!

Wait for a meeting that will never happen – at least, not today – you make up your mind, leave the office and get lost walking. Just music, sun, the city and your footsteps.

Getting lost, alone as I’ve always done to clear my mind of bad thoughts, gone are the dark spirits and welcome the hope. Maybe I’m just running from my reality, who cares as long as I smile like I do?

When you’re happy & don’t think much about the reason for this and that, your decisions come unconciously from the bottom of your heart, that back of your mind where truth lives and that’s what actually matters: Even when you arbitrarily pick streets you’ve never walk through before. They will, poetically, take you where you wanted to get from the beginning.

As Job’s loves to say, let your heart guide you and when turning back the head… The dots will merge into a well defined and significative line.

Happiness has always been there, in the little details: One just needs to learn to appreciate the beauty living in them.



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