Britney Spears by Hannes Fossbo

While heading to Sneakersnstuff, run into Galleri Kocks – lucky me – where candles claimed öppet and invited you to the interior. 11 months of work gravitating around The Pop Princess aka Britney Spears.

Lucky me that, after being dazzled by how had the artist shadowed only by means of colorful crayon – I just LOVE that technique and I could kill someone to learn howto – I was asked:

– Which was your favourite?

What triggered some longer and more interesting conversation. Hannes Fossbo, smiling in suit with a Britney badge, explained why her and nobody else “Only a matter of boredome you know. I was just there, one year ago, cold evening at home, googling arbitrary names. Then, realized how famous was her from the incredibly high google-hits count”

A figure that turned out to be more interesting, when reflecting on how Britney personalizes the American Dream, the Capitalism and if you let me, the Global Economy itself. Exactly, the golden era that seemed so perfect just broke down.

Why? Because that way of living was just no longer sustainable. Same for our beloved Little Miss America. She, ended up as victim of the media that – funnily enough – had crowned her golden locks some time ago while us, well, we’ll end up as victims of this capitalist crave for what wasn’t truly required, all these externally-generated concerns and pressure to buy, have, eat and show that bring nothing but tremendous unhappiness.

Thanks Hannes, for a great chat and best of luck – I do believe YOU are a GREAT artist!


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