Newman’s Own.

First time I saw these dressings, thought they were… Amusing. I mean, Paul Newman dressed as a cowboy for the Ranch Dressing or transformed into Caesar statue for a tastier salad’s sake? Amongst the funniest stuff I’ve bumped into since I arrived to the why-thristy-different-versions-of-everything-are-better-than-one supermarkets traditionally encountered around the streets of the Scandinavian Pearl.

However, I wasn’t aware of what actually does make these dressings – among other products – from this specific brand better than others: 100% of the profit (after-taxes) is completely donated to charity & educational projects, the common good, so to say.

I learned that today, in the kick-off for the exciting Social Entrepreneurship course, where I hope to learn everything about SROI and PR to make the most out of this common good ;D

However, the bottom line goes further than CSR and fairtrade-tags. Beyond the pure let’sinvestorCorporatePRbucksinsomethingandtrytomakeitcredible-issue, beyond the naïve purpose of giving everything back to the society, I see a lagom point where businesses should land as soon as possible, to bring benefit back to the society, to the common context they are embedded into. Sustainability is key on the long run and maybe the only runaway to save this society from collapse.



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