Hoy, hemos recibido la review de Magnus sobre nuestro análisis, resultados y presentación del tema que nos fue asignado en el curso de Trendspotting: The Future of Scuba Diving.

Hello Groups, Students and Fellow Trendspotters!

I still have a very sweet and pleasant aftertaste after the group
presentations two weeks ago. The work had a very high standard. The expert
panel were in awe. So was I. Thank you so much for putting in all the hard
We have gathered feedback, analysed and graded. These are the results.

Before we begin, here are some of the general reflections that we and the
panel discussed afterwards:
• The level of ambition was generally very high. Great!
• The level of creativity was stronger than the analysis made. It seems like
you spent a lot of time cutting, copying, filming, acting and a little bit
less on finding a coherent thread.
• Some groups made it too much of a technology trendspotting. A bit
disappointing, actually, given that this course is about all kinds of trends
– ethnographical, technological, sociological, psychological, etc.
• The conclusions were sometimes not clear enough. What is your view? Why?
Why does it matter? What should we take with us? This tended to penalize you
in terms of analytical clarity.

After having graded all groups on creativity and analysis, we realized that
far too many people in the course hadn’t received a passing grade/ had an E
or a D. Since we don’t want to fail anyone who has taken the course, done
the blogging, participated in the group work, we decided to give all groups
a boost of 10 points for preparation. This may seem arbitrary and unfair.
Some groups did indeed put in a lot of extra work for preparing while others
merely showed up. However, the groups who really did prepare tended to have
all that effort translated into analytical and creative strength.

This was the best presentation in terms of content. Your analysis was fresh,
clear, original, relevant and intersting. Your format wasn’t super-creative
in relation to some of the other groups but it you made your point and we
were thrilled by it.
Creativity (out of 25): 17
Analysis (out of 30): 27

El mejor contenido? El mejor análisis? Conseguir la mejor presentación es imposible si te enfrentas a millones de Konstfackers ayudados por Moderna Museet curators – a la definitiva, ellos son artistas profesionales, no? – pero la verdad es que estoy extremadamente contenta y satisfecha!

Trabajamos pero también nos conocimos a lo largo del curso. Aprendiendo de los speakers y bueno, pasando buenos raticos! Me llevo una buena nota, un buen recuerdo y – hopefully – unos cuantos nuevos amigos – además de 7.5 ECTS que me encaminan a poder mantener el piso!!


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