Orchid Tale.

There is a captivating mist around flirty orchids, an exotic delicacy that crowns them as coquettish Geishas of any garden.

I fancy orchids so, didn’t think twice when, while rushing from the embassy into the red spot at Östermalmstorg, discovered an offer in the subterranean florist’s:

– Now I’m officially a Swedish resident, shouldn’t I get me a plant to enlighten the windowsill?

Blooming on whitish silk, carefully protected by a brown wrapping, my new tenant seemed comfortable and, interested about what happened in the burst of the corridor, that beated student life. Days went by and maybe, the lessthan30second sunray reflected by the window facing was not enough, to keep such beauty alive.

Gone the sleek petals she looked sad, though alive. So I kept on feeding her, hoping that, the lucky day, when everything turned out to be as it should, arrived. Those creative lonely days, turned into the shared grey monotony. And I stopped dreaming, on behalf of cleaning. While black circles kept thickening around my eyes, due to the bad cocktail that sleepless nights make with the nine-to-five commitment, she was there, sitting still, immutable beside the new window:

– I know… This is not the coolest location in da house but let me tell you something: It is, by far, the sunniest. You will never be bored, look! A forest to discover, with kids playing around while husbands barbeque and their grannies, sip coffee after gardening the lovely kolonilotts.

That didn’t quite convince her.

I kept ripping off corners of my agenda. Snowflakes in the never ending darkness, not a good sign for petals to wake up.

Until the day when something happened in the middle of weekdays’ grayness.

House 27 – like my B’Day! – was the nickname for Willy Wonka’s premise in Kista, where users’ dreams became true, where everyone chilled and joked around pecan pie.

So I told her about it, because sometimes, other’s joy becomes yours too.

Nothing until he flew over, to Hannover:

– Cheap weißbier & wurst, only men.

Noticed a change, that same home alone eve. Something was about to happen… Thus, like any other expectant, captured the moment with 35mm lenses.

It was the first night in weeks, that my eyes closed for so long. The first day in months, my mind feels so relaxed and inspired. Drowsy steps guided me in the small kitchen, there was she! Shining like never before, confidently dazzling with her ivory charms.

The tough lag was worth, even for the thorny way I had to walk through. A matter of strength, an affair of patience to keep fighting. Because, even when nothing seems to happen, the wheel, still spinning could bring Dame Fortune back, to hug me.


Una respuesta a “Orchid Tale.

  1. Nena, ¿sabes que Mari Luz, la asturiana ingeniera, ML_asturias, ha aprobado la opo del Ministerio de Industria!!!Uff estoy en casa y me duele todo, me he dado una paliza marujil de sabado .. dios! Te mando muchos besos guapa, y abrigate, voy a leer todas las act. que me he perdido tuyas (estuve out of the island con Jesus, en Madrid y Avila … muy guay la verdad)Un besO!


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