Don´t know…

Where am I sailing to. Grey eyes, blue tears, sleepless nights.

Forget about it, make the most out of the season, enjoy the dinner, the company, the wine, take a pill and rest.

Why? ‘Coz it’s the best.

Sure? Feel like that will not save the world, or me either.

No matter how hard do I try to pretend I’m fine, no matter how much do I convince myself of how lucky am there is still that itching feeling….

This is not for you, you’ve got a lot more to say

Where? Who’s there, willing to pay me a living just to listen, what do I have to say? Maybe… I’m not worth the bucks and should stick to my geeky shoes. They are not as sexy as D2’s, they will not make my soul fly over the sky as reed soled ones but, feel comfortable and keep me away from strains and blisters however…

What if? What if I was clever enough to ride them? Could I gracefully reach to the rock that seems impossible to grasp right now?

For once, I’ll try to listen. Deep breath & believe. I’m the l’il girl in the biggest team. I professionally rule, soon will own a flat nicer than the ring that goes under the tree with mummy’s name (pliz don’t tell, it’s a secret Xmas wish! ;D).

Everything makes a lot more sense, when I’m back, don’t have a clue why. Sunlight, kanske? Dunno but I feel happy. My position makes sense and my life, there, too.

‘Cause if the season is still full of joy, even in the midst of the storm, there’s gotta be something good to breath. Needless to say, it’s just a matter of attitde.


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