Let me introduce you to Alexander.

Which might not be the fastest but knows that what truly counts in life is to find the joy of every tiny detail. His personality is as inspiring as those who surround him, helping him to develop further and dazzle anyone who is lucky enough to cross his path.

Alexander is an Underbarn – a Swedish pun of underbar and barn meaning wonderful child, gifted – so do not call him retarded, do not look down on him but get closer and maybe, there is more for you to learn than the other way around.

Underbarn is shown in Nordiska Museet, Stockholm. Mary Ellen Mark only attempts to make people think of the situation of disabled children in the society, by showing them pictures of the life of these kids in a school in Iceland – where they are treated with an outstandingly loving attitude – and putting voices to such story, through the film.

How do we react to them as well as what is it so scary for most of us to turn the head is worth thinking for a couple of minutes…. However, nothing as strong as the film where Alexander is not depicted as one would expect but as the everyday inspiring Hero whom he actually happens to be.



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