Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race

13 March to 19 July 2009 @Jewish Museum Berlin,
Lindenstr. 9-14, 10969 Berlin, Old Building, 1st level

In 1933 the Nazi state made a racial philosophy the guiding principle of its health and population policy. In the period up to 1945, 400,000 people were forcibly sterilized, and in Germany and Austria alone, more than 210,000 disabled and mentally ill people were murdered. Furthermore, large numbers of psychiatric patients died as the result of medical experiments. The purpose of these measures and killings was to create a genetically healthy “Aryan” race in Germany, free of Ballastexistenzen (burdensome existences).

This policy had its roots in Social Darwinist ideas that had found their way into the modern scientific fields of eugenics and “racial hygiene” before the First World War. With the start of the Second World War, economic motives also played a role, expediting the decision to launch a “euthanasia” program. Its radical measures included a centrally coordinated campaign of murder targeting the mentally ill and mentally handicapped. Labeled Operation T4, it was carried out between January 1940 and August 1941 in six killing centers within the territory of the Reich. The campaign became the model for the murder of millions of European Jews, which began shortly afterward.
Tools for anthropological classification of eye/hair colour & head size.

Race distribution in Europe (Superior Scandinavians in yellow, Germans in Pink, Crappy Mediterraneans in brown – like the shit they are, Black – does this really need clarification?)

The genealogy of evil. Mixing races will only generate worthless beings like alcoholics, disabled, idiots or even worse, Jews!

This is the story of how eugenics turned into Holocaust.
This is the story of how amazing graphic design, extremely expressive visuals and convincing slogans sold as sensible what should have never happened.
This is the story of how telling what your ears wanna hear might sound nice but at the end of the day,will never lead to anything good. Germany was a poor, broken empire that had just lost a war. So Hitler came with a quick answer to their matters: Hygiene.

Being fit, nurturing, adoring mothers, organizing contests of healthy babies and keeping the race clean will ensure a golden future for all those who deserved it. The nation shouldn’t waste a buck or care about idiots, alcoholics, disabled or immigrants but invest everything on developing those who will become the seeds of a blonde, strong and pure future of eagles flying and golden temples shining under the victory’s sun.

The less healthy kids, the more idiots in this Nation – so let’s kill the rotten apples!
The rest is story, I guess. So don’t forget.

Because my grandfather – farfar, as the guy on the pic ended up in Dachau just for being a Spanish Anarchist who had escaped to Norway. He survived though never returned to his Dictatorized homeland… But that’s another moustache story and I gotta go for dinner, now.



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