Juedisches Museum.


After the temporary show, it is time to go through a deep walkthrough along the rich, old though unfairly stranger the Jewish Culture was for many of us.

The amazement kicks off as you walk through the impressive contemporary architectural homage to The Holocaust by Via Lewandowsky, Daniel Libeskind and Menashe Kadishman while the actual exhibition provides the missing background around their identity, as culture, as society, as phenomenon, as innocent victims.

“The Garden of Exile attempts to completely disorientate the visitor. It represents a shipwreck of history.”
[Daniel Libeskind, 1999]“The Holocaust Tower is the space which somehow ends the old history of Berlin.”
[Daniel Libeskind, 1999]
The Voids refer to that which can never be exhibited when it comes to Jewish Berlin history: humanity reduced to ashes.”
[Daniel Libeskind, 2000]

Be careful, it might come true… Did anyone knew that Levi Strauss was Jew?



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