Movin’ Movin.

Now it’s official, let’s shout it OUT LOUD… We’ve moved to Södermalm!! :’D

I’m so happy I have to pinch myself every 15′ to verify that it’s true, half of my life is still spread around into iKea bags but nobody cares coz we now live Where The Action Is!! But it wasn’t without effort though…

The warmest day since last July spent home sorting – thanks God it didn’t rain!
Lastbil or the Swedish term for the Butcher’s Truck.

Pimp My Ride.The stuff.The guide – don’t tell Jobs but we managed to use GPS on his baby…

Stadsbiblioteket – the one who has never spotted it in iKea’s bistro please raise a hand.

Driving Downtown. What an experience by the way, the first time I ride a car – no taxi – in the center!Bring me to the south – Stadshusets tower.

Thru Gamla Stan.Scary tunnel, where our prophet stopped working – coverage is great here but not that much ;P
On the way back to the old apartment, to bring the car back @Petrol Station.
Kungsgatan the link between Centralen and the Posh Stureplan.
Sveaplan, where I used to walk to from home to get to the place where the sun always shines…

The best solarium i Stockholm!! SunQuick!

Scandinavian Sunset.

Deserved dinner @ Ljunggrens, just 5′ walk from home!!

Welcome, to our dream life.


2 Respuestas a “Movin’ Movin.

  1. Hi dearie!!!How are you doin’?? My mum looks at your pictures everyday, trackin’ your trips aroundEurope ;DHow is everything going? What are you doing right now?So nice to hear from you… And I’m enjoying but still need some time to unpack everything :)Besitos


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