These 12€ are the best inversion for a tourist willing to discover ancient secrets.

Life is a Theatre.And Dionysos, my favourite god.


Have you ever faced something you had seen so many times, something you’ve heard of or even taken exams about? When you actually walk around to discover how actually amazing things are, every memory pops up and all of the sudden, mentally, you picture yourself within that old history book, listen the harp and those philosopers who managed to change the world.

I’m in LOVE with Greece.

They knew what counted for a man. Mind and… You see it, right?

Erechtenion, with its six iconic Caryatids, stands on the Acropolis’ most sacred spot, where, in a contest for the city, Poseidon struck the ground with his trident producing a spring of water and Athena, in turn, produced the olive tree (guess who won)

I’ve just fallen in love but still, I do miss my roots. Greeks are just like Spanish – no kidding ZARA, Bershka a.s.o. have sites there selling with Spanish tags – but using a different alphabet.



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