>Hadrian’s Arch.


The Roman Emperor Hadrian erected Hadrian’s Arch in AD 132, to commemorate the consecration of the Temple of Olypian Zeus. Nothing fancy about that but the fun comes in when, being the dividing point between the ancient and the Roman city, inscriptions were written in both sides, indicating whether it was ‘Athens, the Ancient City of Theseus’ or ‘The city of Hadrian and NOT of Theseus’

Just a step from the Arch, Zappeio Gardens become the lung of this white city. I personally didn’t care much about the Palace but to lie on its stairs and take a nap, under the sun. No matter how surrealistic it sounds, we’d forgotten how it feels that warmth on your body, how relaxed and happy you turn, how nice it is to just sit under the sun and chill. So please, whenever you are able to, make the most out of the great weather – as many of us can’t enjoy it that often!



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