Hornstull Strand Etablissement.

Keep seats and flowers waiting for when I’m dead. Sun’s shining so let’s take a Sunday Walk!
After some sightseeing in da SoFo stores we took our 10km around my beloved island, Söder.

Some strength in the Nystektströmming rolls @Sodermalmstorg – basically grilled herring served with mashed potato, lettuce, créme fraîche, leek and parsley all rolled in soft tunnbröd or partenered with knäckebröd.

Hornstulls Strand. Here we came after a while (5km under the sun and more-twister-than-breeze spring wind). One of the bathing areas in the city – don’t know who dares, Baltic waters are dark and chilly – where some interesting parties are thrown so let’s discover Hornstull Strand Etab: A meeting place, restaurant, concert and club spot at Hornstull.

The guy upstairs tries to sell hotdogs but he’s a tough time competing with this delightful menu to enjoy around mirrors while chillin’ down the sunshine.

500m of mirror-covered wall give the light that Swedes love – and miss so much along the LONG winter – to the open-area.

Interiorism is far from disappointing though, pretty much the opposite.

Nordic illustration on the walls, sexy scandinavian furniture in the club.

Sunshine unfortunately shows less that awesome bands around there.

We’ll soon be back, but let’s go on with the Southern Arcadia!


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