In days like this, I would like to press the pause and freeze the time… So that I would feel so happy, forever. It’s not a matter of being on vacation (I was actually at 8AM in my desk) or spending cause, as demagogic as it might sound, best things in life are free.

From the cute email you weren’t expected in the morning, to wearing those earrings you patiently fixed the day before. From enjoying your måtlada in the sunny bench behind the kontoret, to taking a walk around your hood.

Everything feels right in place while my puzzle starts to look completed, I can only smile, when thinking on next week, on the weekend, on my new sandals or the last box of strawberries that waited for me in ICA.

So I just wanted to share this with anyone interested… Smile, please!

Muy contenta, con blazer nuevo!

Matlada en el banco.
Tantogarden @19:30PM
Södra Söder.
Primer chapuzón en el báltico.
Gay bench.
Tre Små Hus.
Wish these days were as låååååååång as my shadow!

Den ljusa nätter.

In days like these, I recall why am I in love with this country where people are happy just by sitting under the sun, running or sharing some wine with friends. A BBQ, some strawberries and soap bubbles. Happiness is not a matter of having rather of giving those little things the actual value they have.

So thanks for teaching me so… Thanks to it, I am happy with sunlight and house.

Though I look forward meeting my girlz!!!


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