Thread Earrings

Peruvian thread earrings are the hottest style to hit the fashion scene this year. Available in so many styles and colors, there is sure to be the perfect pair of thread earrings for you. Having a schizophrenic fashion episode? Stock up on multiple pairs and make string earrings the must-have accessory this summer. You’ll look trendy on the beach, out shopping, or at that hot summer party. If you’re not afraid of a little drama and like a big pop of color, try one of our great thread teardrop earrings in color combinations like yellow and purple, or red and blue. The threads are intricately twined to give maximum impact and ensure the highest quality. Don’t fall for cheap China made imitations; our Peruvian string earrings are made by skilled artisans who want to bring you the highest quality jewelry. If you’re looking to make an impact for an elegant evening out, try one of our subtler thread earring styles. Available in basic colors like black and white, they’ll be the perfect accent to your elegant outfit. String teardrop earrings also pair great with a fun and flirty summer dresses. Heading to the beach? Pop in one of our string earrings with maximum color, inspired by those hot summer days. If you’re looking for a bright pop of color, but not so crazy about wearing a variety of hues, try a monochromatic string earring style. Thread earrings in orange or blue hues are a great accessory for any outfit. With so many color combinations and such low prices, grabbing up a variety of Peruvian thread earrings is a no-brainer. You’ll fast be the hottest girl on the beach this summer strutting your stuff with a shot of Peruvian color dangling from your earlobes.

Have you gotten yours?
Gina Tricot



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