The Aljaferia: Did you believe that Granada was the only city with Arab past? Think twice.
I would like to introduce you to some bits of my hometown, Zaragoza.
You can read its whole story, from Romans to Arabs, from Aljaferia to Expo. Nowhere in the world does the sun shine brighter, nowhere in the world do I feel such warmth, inside out. I wouldn’t call it exactly cosmpolitan but honest, charming and true to its roots.
My Religious Hood.
These kids had just taken the comunion, walk around the hood, guiding Saint Anthony around. You don’t listen but feel the drums inside your chest. I love these drums. Mummy used totake me to the religious processions during Easter, I always closed my eyes, breathed the incense and dream with Middle East tales…
Some steps further, one meets river Ebro and our Basilica, El Pilar.
The city and specially, the riversides were incredibly refurbished along the last year because of the Expo. Now, in addition to bike lanes, one can find Middle Age Markets, botanical gardens, cool lounges and even a Zaha Hadid bridge.
But first things first. Here it’s the traditional song… La Jota.

Kids riding poneys.


Huge toasts of tomato and paprika (kinda pan amb tomaquet for those of you who know Catalonia)


Rib bbq!



Mojitos (to cool down in such a sunny hot day) 

Walking over water

Expo leftovers

Fountain kidz & lavender smell.

This is my favourite hangout in the city, Las Playas. Placed beside an artificial beach actually, much more a swimming pool with sand, palm trees and good music, surrounded by a botanical garden. They’re featuring great bands and DJs all over the summer so, if you go from Madrid->Barcelona in the AVE… Don’t hesitate to drop by and spend some time, you will not regret it!
Seaside view

To fall in love…

Or to fall exhausted ^_^
A city with its own beer brand, La Zaragozana, has a lot to offer…

So I’ll ride the train myself… Until 17th July!



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