>Happy went…


Every single happening from today managed to shut all the complaints I had yesterday. A day that started with early morning kidding, cute emails and AISG meetings continued with offering for on the job training in the US (you’re basically sent for a couple of months to work there and then, brought back to your current position), funny conversations and a sunny matlåda. The grande finale was still to arrive, when he showed up and surprised me by proving to be as good photographer and writer (see… neither am I that weird, nor that alone) as surfer.
So feeling joy inside out (and outside in, with the 26 sunny degrees we were blessed today with) went for a walk runt om Djurgården. Got an allergy attack, uncomfortable and almost unable to breath, headed back home with this permanent smile in my face.
In a nutshell, rather than sitting and waiting for friends to materialize, from mates to come over and talk to me… Why can’t I take that first step myself? 
Makes sense… Since I’m the odd one out. 


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