Sunny snapshots…

Make my life worth living.
Most of the times you’re not even aware of the difference you can actually make in someone else’s day, mood or life. Scary when you think abot it twice. Stockholm as a wise suggestion some years ago changed my life, same thing as being picked for the Energy Buffering or moving back and forth, until finding our beloved Antenna Baby. 
I’m happy. Blanca left leaving her sparkle behind: Sun’s visiting all this week!
So… I won’t let everyday struggles (språket, against loneliness, fighting to get a place to live and someone to share problems with) ruin it. Even if some do actually hurt. Even if I still can’t understand what’s wrong with me, why is it so hard to be open, am I so boring, or?
Gotta be something about me. Shouldn’t be that complex, life’s easier. Just bring me into the conversation, invite me to the match or drink after work, feels normal in Spain, not here. Thus, I no longer dream with anything like that, just a nice comment is enough to save the day. However, sometimes… 8h alone with da paper, feel too lonely and meaningless – even for me.
People work to make money, not friends. 
Anyway, while I would like things to be different, I can’t change the world so… Isn’t it better to thank what you got rather than dreamin’ with something else? 
Today was a great day, clouds went away in the office as if mirroring their sistas up in the sky. 
Vero looks hot in marmalade (sí, mi hermana by Ra) 
The contract came to our postbox. 
Strawberries were cheap but sweet and I could take that walk around my beloved Söder. Nothing else than my iPod, to feel free while listening the sunny silence.
Keep fingers crossed for this feeling to stay… And stay tuned to HK 😛

Una respuesta a “Sunny snapshots…

  1. La felicidad no es tanto lo que tienes sino como lo miras.Valora las cosas en tu vida… tienes muchas y muy buenas… para empezar una relación sólida con alguien del que estás enamorada. Eso no siempre sucede.Yo te sigo admirando, pq me pareces una buena mezcla de fisico y cabeza, y adoro como cultivas ambas… como eres una tia lista y responsable, pero tb escuchas head kandi y vas maravillosa a una boda.


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