>Tantogardens Platform


This week has been blessed with sunny and warm weather so there’s no doubt I’m taking almost three-hour walks around the city everyday, after job, to make the most out of it.
Today was specially warm so I just wanted to lie myself under the late (8PM) sun. Happy though not that lucky, I couldn’t find a free sunny jetty. Disapppointed, continued my tired steps… Until I spotted it.
A completely unreliable, sunny and free floating platform waiting for me to take over.
Would you dare?

Without hesitating, I stepped on it. Didn’t feel safe but seemed to float even with me on it. So I stood… And enjoyed the calm unique views of water lilies, boats, various runners and hippies who revolve around Tantogården.
Warm sunny planks.
Praying not to sink today…
Skål! För semestern som börjar idag! Could I hear in the distance, from dinners on board.
Life’s too short to think twice, dare to go for what your guts tell, enjoy the present or that hopefully better future might never come…

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