Band, hairband.

– Bye Pocahontas (joked mum as I walked out the door)

Hi (hälsade Patricia while scanning my forefront with wide open eyes connected to her wide shut mind)
– I’m not keen on those AT ALL (stated Nelia while sipping sunset’s ice tea)

That’s what’s fun about coming back home: Clothes are weird, look like so… Typical Spanish. Not talking about ZARA, not even mentioning Madrid’s mood (a WHOLE different story – just spot Vero’s blonde locks) it’s more a matter of how the people look, behave and combine: Tous (the millenium’s imperium in here – first the Romans, then the Catalonian brand) becomes a dangerous cocktail when mixed up with the CI, The Rachel and a shot of peroxide.
Rejecting this look is of course a personal choice. Opinion is like ass, we all have one. And you don’t need to agree on everything in order to be friends with someone. However, the lonelier you are in your mindset, the harder it is to stay true to it. That’s why I thought (A LOT) about Fer who also comes from a small town in Spain, who’s also keen on weird looks and doesn’t give a shit on anyone else’s critic eye – yeah, that typical TopToBottom scan. While recalling my conversation with Dani about the same thing (why does everything look so weird around here?) decided to start documenting my inspirations.
So here they come! Enjoy, coz I no longer feel alone in my Crusade [Elle]
[Erin W.]
[Zoë K.]
[Peaches G.]


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