Vit fon för den vita drottningen ^_^
The biggest present of the day though, was not to get the phone but to (finally) meet personally Mathias & Emily. Shocked, after 30months away from home, living in the other end of the world; confused, while seeing what we have turned their former space into; happy, to come back to their old world with new hopes, projects and a family member – Ducky, the only dog I happen to like in the world. Skinny as a greyhound though smaller and lovelier – and full of crazy stories around furniture (as usual :P) Greater than great to get the chance and meet them as well as to talk about the future.
My future too, by the way. Cause I got some master advice in where to address my photographic hopes. An awesome kick off for this Rodriguez week (didn’t I told you? Enrique’s going to Dallas on Business Trip, so I’ll be here, alone, on my own ^_^ drinking wine and writing crazy letters to nobody, to everybody, to myself at the end of the day)
A Sunny Sunday full of good vibrations! A Monday to start early, throwing freshbees in the middle of NOwhere, with the E/// crowd.

PS: Yeah, that’s my new skirt!!
PS2: iPhone 3G. Factory Unlocked.16GB.Black. 4000 SEK (less than 400€)
Contact me if you’re interested!!!

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