Välkomna hem.

Starting the week throwing freshbees at 7AM with your workmates might sound crazy to Spanish ears but it has been a great kick off of my Rodriguez week. Didn’t I told ya? Enrique left today on Business Trip, to Dallas and he’ll be back next Monday. No Halvmarathon for him, though… Guess the massive steaks and the hot waitresses are about to compensate the loss.
So, after a long day at work and many things fixed – from a sock for my iP to the registration in the gym (yeah, nobody runs with -5C or at least, I DO NOT) from House to the supermarket – I found myself home, alone. Enjoying that moment of silence and relax of not having to cook for anybody, not having to say anything, lost in my thoughts and enjoying the taste of wine.
Happiness lives in these small details, those disregarded by the eyes of many are the ones that actually, do make meaning. Like my little excess, home-roasted paprika served with a pinch of limepepper and a drop of lemon oil in my favourite plate in da house.
The one hiding the magic on its bottom.
When I saw the litle red frog, instantly figured out where it came from… Grodan. The place where I’d never been dining but by whose door I might have passed like a thousand times. A magical detail, like many others that surround me right now.
Depressing, to think that, the most amazing thing that has happened around here in months (M&E) means also that all these magic little pieces of our current life will, sooner or later, one by one, leave us. To go back to their real owners. Those guys who went to Hong Kong to pursue a dream and came back with a – to my eyes – lifechanging experience plus a lovely dog in the backpack 😛
We’ll find our own magic, as we’d always done. Probably not so perfectly chosen, while likely to be more practical – thank Enrique. But ours, at the end of the day. In the meanwhile, until that happens, I’ll do a Cinderella and make the most of the magic along this week, enjoy as much as I can the remaining pieces and start taking care of myself, coz you are the one and only who knows what you really need and want, who could do it better then?
Let’s keep our fingers crossed to continue smiling as much as I did today. Emails from the far near town, great words from my dance teacher and details fized here and there, nothing to be sad about though waking up at 4AM is truly something to be tired so…

Dulces sueños, a tod@s.

Una respuesta a “Rodriguez.

  1. Me encanta leer que disfrutas de tus momentos de soledad tan a gusto como yo …Mira que algunas veces echo de menos compartir mi vida, o aunque fuera mi csa, con alguien … Pero la mayoría del tiempo, llegar a casa, recibir los mimitos de mi gato, abrir un buen vino, tomarme una copa mientras veo atardecer, es taaaan sumamente satisfactorio … Un beso preciosa, bona nit !


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