Too long.

Today has been way too long.
From home to work. From work to iKea. From iKea to home. The lanudry, the shopping, the cake. The unpacking. The emptying. The drying. The baking. The reinstalling the WiFi. The hungerless dining. The hopeless looking at that tackedWithClothes bed. Hope I can find someone with a car, nice enough to drive me there, coz we truly need en ny byrå.

I couldn’t even make it for a fika with Andreas 😥 But my new room… Where’m about to move in is REALLY COOL!!! Located in the warm side of the building, sunny and looking at the Galleria. Just for me and my stuff :’D Gonna miss the LTE crowd though I have a good feeling about this new stage… Becaus if someone cares about you, changing office shouldn’t mind, right?


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