Munchenbryggeriet is my favourite view of the city.
Like El Pilar, when I hit back to Zaragoza, it makes me feel home when it suddenly appears… As the T-bana crosses the lake Mälaren, from Gamla Stan to Södermalm. The beautiful brick building caughts your eye, its redness shouting among the dark rock. I love running along Södra Mälarstrand and actually, this was exactly the place where I had to stop in my first day of running… Back in June.
It has been there a long long time, since 1857 when a smart german spotted the great location for beer-making. The sole break in the rock that surrounds Söder, the only place where one could build up a factory which would make the most out of the water and ice – required during the beer-making process – that the lake gave away for free.
It’s great to look at it everyday, when I take the commuter train to work. The building sunbathing, the rock warming up and you… Depressed of being unable to stay and enjoy it with them.
Some weeks ago, I started to spot something else beside the water – looked like a huge project, maybe some gas pipe… – far from my guesses, they are building the citybanan.
The citybanan is supposed to avoid the delays that are however common in the pendeltåg. The citybanan is safer, faster and nicer, as it goes under the bottom of the sea. The citybanan deprives me of my everyday eyecandy.

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