>SoFo. 6/5/4. Happy Socks.


Are you in the mood for Happy Socks?
Last Thursday morning, I dropped by Åsögatan 160, to get some blood analysis done. Stores and cafés closed, Södermalms charm had then moved back to the people, sipping coffee on their way to job or trying to get some film recorded – probably, another documentary about Millenium which, by the way, is recorded around here.

I recalled that early Saturday when, guarded by Vero & Ra, we were heading to Café String for some brunch when we bumped into Mikael Blomqvist (Michael Nyqvist) who walked his door in comfy apparel, paired with – I guess – his wife.
Back to Åsögatan, my stores and the real life, I spotted 6/5/4 right in front of AcneStudio – Cool Place! We should drop by on Saturday. So, having gotten an invitation to celebrate some new arrivals and the 9th number of Acne Paper in such store – a glass of champagne, some bubbles to cheer up our Saturday lunch:

As the autumn is getting darker and the weather colder, we would like to invite you to the warmth of our studio to say thank you for your support throughout the years. Have a look at the new arrivals, enjoy some live music and have a glass of champagne

Warm Regards, Acne SoFo

Saturday 24th of Oct

Acne Studio, Nytorgsgatan 36, Stockholm

Who could miss either of them?
No new Acne goodies for me, no magazine either – too big to be carried around – but a great time in 6/5/4 with some happy socksearching 😛
Happy Socks are designed in Sweden – but made in Turkey.
Happy Socks are colorful, unisex and come in three sizes – S, M L.
Happy Socks are sold in groups of three by 150:- – while you gotta pay 69:- for each pair alone.
Happy Socks are fun to look for in the chest at 6/5/4‘s window!
But the feeling gets even better when, like in life, you actually find what you were searching for. The colors matching your personality in the size that suits your toes!
And the fun doesn’t stop here as 6/5/4 has, in addition to lovely shop assistants, a built-in espresso bar where you get some coffee free whenever you buy more than one thing!



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