This week, I turned into 2. My manager and myself, with all our duties to land on the only one sitting there – guess who?

Quite exciting actually, to get a chance for a sneak peak from ‘the other side’. Quite exhausting, as the meetings collapse and the study I have been working really hard since May last year is approaching a critical stage. Always scary, is the end of something. Even if often means new and more exciting challenges, one is very much afraid, right?

So I went for some quality time. A walk under the sun and a warm hug are enough to clear the stress fog from my mind. However, Johanna made me smile, as you do when you receive an unexpected present that contains exsctly, what you wanted.

Here in Sweden, it is traditional to give away presents during Easter. Instead of chocolate eggs, they have carton eggs which can be filled with candy (for the kids) or jewelry (for the girlfriends) or essentially anything, as they can be ridiculously big – seriously, there are some that fit my head!

Today, I got two eggs. One from the consultants that work with me, a little one, filled with chocolates – quite unusual as it is often the ‘assistant’ who receives the big egg for the whole group – so it made me feel special somehow. And another, from Plezuro, where I went for a quick visit and turned back with a lovely bracelet and cute earrings.

Cool! Now I have a match to me power-heels. New, by the way. On golden green, as Enrique put it 😀 So I promise to continue smiling, only two days are left and I will be with mummy at Milano!!



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