South African Business I

“People come to South Africa, because you can make it or break it in here. Many of them move with a small sum, start up a business and find themselves becoming millionaires in a couple of years. (…) Check the Gini coefficient which measures the differences in wealth distribution: Sweden has the lowest in the world – flat society – and South Africa, the highest. That’s why they move here.”

Little to pack for 3 winter days.

Cash is a must in a dangerous country. Essentially, the only thing to wear with any value.

A380, the biggest passenger plane ever built brought me there!

Mumma with Lufthansa LCML.

20h later, we landed in Joburg.

Lonely hotel room. Shower and to the office.

Waiting for the car by the pool. Even the winter is sunny and nice (15C) in the middle of the day – gets cold (3C) in the morning and at night.

Solly, our driver for these days.

The office.

Happy after a successful meeting!

Game of the day, to celebrate. The nightmares came after, were a bit more sour.


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