First day at work



Man, I woke up rather fresh. Ate some leftovers as breakfast – isn’t it great with fish+lettuce for breakfast? and came along Enrique, to Yokohama. Yokohama is the second biggest city in Japan and hosts a big E/// office as well. The morning started with us lost among skyscrapers, outside any map :S but thanks to have taken more than plenty of time to arrive, we made it on time.

He went straight with his mates, I was dropped in a ‘new local employee intro’ with many japanese, four non-japanese and one interpreter. Any guesses about the main language along those 9h? Guessed right… Japanese!!!
We all got a headphone connected wirelessly to the translator’s microphone but mine, wasn’t working and the other two, had NO battery :_( so it was tough to follow, with the jetlag and everything, still I became rather good friend of the translator as I had to sit really close to her.

We went through a team workshop where we introduced ourselves, talked about what family, home, hobbies and ourselves meant for us. It was interesting to listen that “peace, calm, silence and relax” were synonyms of home for most of the japs. I bet they would be happy in Stockholm 😀 They also used interesting “one word” definitions of themselves or the family (like “calm” or “responsibility”). It is funny to see how different behaviors you get out of different cultures in such things. Stil, haven’t met the people I will work with, but seriously looking forward to it.

It was sunny, it was warm, we had lunch under the sun and I found myself considering the “dog menu” before realizing that it actually was… Food for dogs!!! Gross.

Glad to see you liked the flat. I like it too (specially the fact of having cleaning included) but we will pick an unfurnished one and fill it up with the cool furniture we bought (that bedsofa I’ve invited you all too!)



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