Yummy (not cheap)

Japanese is an intesting language. The subject is often omitted and the verb has a single form for all persons in a given tense. Looks simple? It isn’t so. Apart from 2000 kanjis combined with two systems of syllabic characters (hiragana & katakana), one must learn to count. Because flat things are counted with different words than long things or alive things or days or months or years or… Many other things.

So when you go to the supermaket and see 198 (around 2€) beside the tomatoes, what do you think it is? Price per kilo? Nope. It’s the unit price!!! So today, we paid the same for many tomatoes, one iceberg sallad and a couple small packaged things… As for a full dinner for both of us, with plenty of wine and beer.

Strange, right?



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