Sometimes life is like that, things always happen with worst timing and well, not everything can be perfect at a time. Some little bit is fucked up and reality, hits your back.

After some great days in Shanghai, of hard work and great fun, I was more than ready to come home. Get a big hug and celebrate, with the one. It all was as I expected – or even better, with that tiny teddy bear in my pillow or some sallad ready for me to munch – until he texted me back:

– Korea, 2 weeks, leaving on Sunday.

GR-EAT. We had vacation on Thursday and we would move to “the flat” on Friday, not to mention Vogue’s FNO next Saturday. So now, I’m all on my own, to get all that done. Pack the stuff he left behind and carry, with the helpnof Wada-san. Furniture coming and all those little details (like hangers, sheets or tablecloth) that one usually misses to prepare in advance.

But it will be allright baby. I’m no bullshit and rather grown up. You know I can handle that, as much as I know, that you’ll fix the stuff and come back, with a big smile, after trying the world’s best bibimbap! Remember that no pain no gain, think that the limit is the sky. I know. You can.

Love from the Queen Bed, empty as never before, and good night.



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