NYE in Sydney

Put your heels on, some glittery dress and a crown. Now, it is your time and after all, you only live once.
Thai food is never a bad bet.
…if taken with Aussie beer and sexy oysters.
Walked my way to Circular Quay.
Risked death among the masses.
Thanks to our tickets for Cruise Bar… The police let us though 😀 so we watched the countdown on almost, first row seats.
pretty, huh!
Time for party. As usual, this… Is Hed Kandi!
Better views than El Divino’s.
Glittery in the glitter ball among girls on sequined dresses!
The SMILEY boat!
The Italian Job.
Heels OFF!! Walk home ON!
Back at the hotel, at early 3AM (everything closed at 2, so we got to know why people seemed to be going for parties at 6PM 😛 while we were still touring the Victorian hoods).
Wish you all get drunk in love, happiness and luck tonight. 

So much, that the hangover lasts a whole year.

2 Respuestas a “NYE in Sydney

  1. Feliz AÑo !Yo a la 1,30 estaba Zzzzzz, fuimos a cenar, uvas y a casa …Lo de los zapatos, cuantas veces habre hecho lo mismo? Como duelen los pies !!!Besos


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