Shibuya Sunday

The Dragon (辰) is the luckiest year in the traditional chinese zodiac has just started. As I always tell little birdie, now it is the time to shine.

Stina had just jumped off the plane. Still, we didn’t let her rest. The perfect way to spend a Sunday us to enjoy some breakfast in one of the many cafés in Daikanyama (代官山). Then, head north to explore Shibuya (渋谷), Harajuku (原宿), Yoyogi (代々木) which is the park between Shibuya and Harajuku where teenagers like to hang out and do some sync dancing and the most peaceful temple ever Meiji Jingū, which lies in the heart of Yoyogi.

After a walk along the always crowded but must-see Takeshita Dori we found out that luckily, Meiji Jingu was still open (even if it was 17:00 when it usually closes at 16:00).

Some sake being offered to the Spirits in Nature.

The scenic way from the entrance to the temple was decorated with ice statues. These had been donated by different entities, as New Year offer (one could read things like “park hotel” in the letters beside them).

The other side had tones of New Year lanterns, which probably illuminated the park beautifully during New Year’s Eve, when all the prayers went to the park, listened to the bells ringing 108 times and celebrated the entrance in the shōgatsu (正月 )

Nobody knew why, but there was a lot of people around. Some people guessed that it might have been the day when the wooden tablets were being burnt. Stil… It was cool to see the one I had picked before leaving to Australia, in king size.

… a great way to start the week with the right foot, don’t you think so?


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