After some days in the snow, busy weeks, night shifts, illnesses and other unexpected events, we are back on track. With some amazingness to share and reality bites, so anyone can see that it’s impossible to have all at once. So really, enjoy as it lasts.

This is a smmary of our second trip to Nagano. This time, we visit Happō-en in Hakuba. A paradise of powder snow, which sometimes can even be… Too much.

We stayed at a Designer Winter House (Gakuto Villas), shared with the Horiguchi Family 🙂 which was one of those spots where you felt like living for a month ot so.

Kana & I, preparing something to warm us up, after a day in the snowy slopes.

Kana & Furu took us to a really cool house and provided some interesting snack, straight from the happy cows in Hōkkaido

Here it is. Condom-like hermetic ball that you pinch with a needle…
…to get the pudding-like cream outside.
Since in here, the cuter the tastier, it’s always worth a try. Make a heart-shaped hole and fill with caramel of love.

But after that, the mandatory dinner was to come.

Here in Japan, hotspots are usually French inspired. But a lot more refined. Kana & Furu brought us to Denenshi which is an intimate environment, with the most delicate & welcoming details in the world. Food was superb but not as awesome as the chance to spend some time together, you know. Friends make people happy, specially in such a place.

Saying hi to the King Of The Sofa aka nekochan
Cute kids, about to go to sleep (son & daughter of the owners)
First time using fork&knife in a long long while.
Tuna tartare
Furu-san & Kana-san
Salty flan & fresh baked bread
Ratatouille with some bacon-rolled fish.
Beef in red wine sauce
Brownie & caramel (perfect sized to kill the craving without guilt)
Life gets hard sometimes, it all happens at once. Sick, stressed, busy, with visitors, stories to tell, trips to plan and apparently no time for anything other than work work work. So just take a step back, breathe deep and try. It will be fine. Sooner or later, things will calm or you will get used to it and manage. In the meanwhilem getaways like this one make that magic moment… Which we all need, to fill up in positive energy & carry on.





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