Kyōto (京都市) – Day 1

Let me guide you, through the traditional face of Japan.

Doing sightseeing in kimono is pretty common in here. Not comfy, but who said that was important?

Omikuji (おみくじ) if you get a paper with bad luck, just hang it in here, to clean it up.

Traditional garden style.

Kiyomizu (清水寺)

Jishu Shrine the love-themed shrine selling countless charms to help you snag the one you love, and featuring two “love stones” positioned around 18m apart which the lovelorn must walk between with their eyes closed to confirm their loved one’s affection.

Write your trouble in a paper, let it dissolve in water.

Tō-ji (東寺) with the largest 5-story pagoda in Japan. Beauty against the forest.

Kyōto. The city where the Imperial Palace was located between 794 y 1868. Where not always the political power was, but the art, philosophy and culture blossomed like the sakura in the philosophy path. Geishas that disappear behind the doors of private restaurants in Gion, traditional restaurants hidden behind the tourist traps, temples with Zen gardens, bamboo groves, kansai dialect & okonomiyaki.
Just as Rome or Paris, this is a place everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime.

Kyoto. Capital de Japón durante 800 años, ciudad donde la cultura nipona floreció como el cerezo, en torno al Palacio Imperial, hasta que en 1868, el Emperador Meiji decidió abrir el país a las influencias occidentales y movió la capital a Tokyo. Pero Kyoto siguió allí, como la joya escondida de la corona. Templos de Oro y Plata entre las montañas, geishas, bambú, cocina tradicional, callecitas, naturaleza, meditación y caminos por los que filosofar entre cerezos.



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