Kyōto (京都市) – いただきます

After such a long walk… Feels like it’s time for lunch!

Entre las trampas turísticas, siempre se esconden las grandes perlas de una ciudad.

Right after Sannen-zaka, one of the most touristy streets in Kyoto, charming and lined with historic houses, shops & tea houses one enters Ninnen-zaka. More of the same, pretty much. However, right before getting to the next temple on the typical route around Higashiyama (the Eastern mountain) the way leads to Ishibei-koji.
The picture may not be fair enough, as the atmosphere is impossible to capture on camera. But is this kind of place that feels frozen in a former time… That of samurai.
Here we found the perfect spot for lunch. 6 counter seats. Traditional menu. Family-run restaurant, where only the father and the son are there to serve the best specialities in town. Old recipes for the most delicate taste. That of pure simplicity, lean perfection. For us Spanish, there is nothing like our mother’s omelette. Guess it’s the same for them and their exclusive tofu.
An experience that reminded us the 3 Michelin Star place we visited in Tokyo last year, but in a better way. As it wasn’t planned, but became perfect anyhow. With our reduced Japanese, we even managed to tell our story and share a conversation between dishes.
What a perfect experience.

La familia que come unida…

Nuestro chef, en acción.

Sopa tradicional de miso con oden y vegetales de la zona.

Caldo de pescado, al estilo tradicional

Rocking traditional Japanese style – wooden sandals, to avoid the cold & water on the floor.

Los viajantes

Candy day.



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