Platja de Migjorn – Formentera Soul Food.

Las palabras sobran para explicar cómo sienta un gazpacho bien hecho tras cai un año en Japón. Deahí que merezca la pena recomrndar 3 sitios en Platja de Migjorn:

[1] SOUTH: Lounge del hotel, servicio encantador, relajantes vistas y buen ambiente (alejado del jaeo típico del Insotel, que se concentra en torno a la piscina)

Comlplimentary appetizer 😛
Green sallad – just what I needed after such a long trip.

[2] BlueBar: Drinks at sunset, alien show (Tuesday, Saturday) y mucha gente atraída por los efluvios de la parrilla en lo alto de una montaña. Quizás demasiado crowded para el solo traveller pero interesante, nyway.

[3] Las Banderas: THE place to watchthe sunset. From a pretty hippie dècor, boosted by charming waiters & incredible offerings, this is where you get the real deal, what the island is about. Funnily enough, it was filled by North Europe foreigners (Swedes, Brits & me) instead of Italians, like the rest of the island seems to be. Follow the sofa by the wooden track. Won’t disappoint you, I swear.

Beautiful decorations, balancing hippie with balearic white & cozy outdoor sitting.
Happy feet in the basket-sofa (romantic factor 1000%)
14€ seafood sallad (for that in Stockholm, I can buy 1 glass of red)
Querubs also like the place, fly there from heaven and hang out in the sofas till the sunset.
The check box.

The complimentary orancello (tastier twist of limoncello)


Just hoping that all they say about adrenal stress is true, so that happiness & peace counterbalance for the extra calories one indulges in. But man, how could you not? Not always life gives you a chance to taste this amazingness in these priceless environments, so better take it. Soon it’s gone and nobody can say when will it be back.



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