Spanish Fashion – Pablo De La Torre

Reaching my hometown from pretty much anywhere, usually implies going through Madrid. Which isn’t at all a bad thing, considering how much I love the city as well as the numerous friends who live there. So out of coincidence, I ended up spending a magical afternoon in the creator’s paradise aka Pablo’s Studio.

The good thing with the crisis (if anything) is that it initially conveys a clean-up of useless companies, goods and eventually, unefficient personnel. Which is good, as only “the worth” remain. Reason why, I see Pablo’s establishment as his own brand (he started in Loewe Man, but felt he wanted to do something on his own; then created Bohento, together with a friend; but just like any other genius, also wanted to develop his ideas alone – like Tom Ford did a while ago).

In his website, you can check the items for each season’s collection. These are found in selected sale points, but sometimes, you can also contact him, for a one-to-one deal. On top of that, for those of you interested on the luxury experience of having something hand-made just for you, he also makes dresses on request. A visit to his studio is the perfect metaphor of all things Pablo. Clean, barroque, minimalist at the same time. Feminine and timeless as it is characteristic of good design.

Find these gorgeous pieces (good as wedding guest as much as for everyday style of the business woman) in Madrid, Zaragoza and Almería, you won’t regret it!

My own experience: I got the dress for a wedding with my husband’s family. It caused a lot of chit-chat, because of being so different, but at the same time so classic. Rich in detail, form fitting but classy. I plan to wear it for my next super special event (wedding in Japan) so the ladies around start to buy overseas 😛



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